Using MATLAB and Mathcad for solving (mesh current) equations.

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There are times when you need to do something simple from the logic point of view but a bit exhausting when it comes to the sum of calculations you need to perform. I'm referring here to the past times (like 3-4 years ago) when I was forced to do all my circuit calculations manually without using anything except paper, pen and a calculator (without the solve function :-)). Hopefully now when I need to do some circuit calculations (which happens very rarely - thank God!) I'm allowed to use some computer software like MATLAB, Mathcad etc. However every single piece of software has it own environment and something like own programming language. So the question is how to use it properly, to speed your work and limit it to writing the logic and forcing computer to do the calculations.

So our task is to calculate all the unknown currents (I1,I2,I3,I4,I6) and voltage value of Uj. To compute the logic equations I'm using the Mesh analysis method (loop analysis) [1] which relies on Kirchhoff's circuit laws [2] (this little article is not a circuit theory tutorial so I hope the reader is familiar with those laws).

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Pendragon said...

Hi man, I really dont know anything about circuits xD, just a bit, but I am note posting here to say that. I am really amazed by your tools, papers, exploits, shellcodes, etc. I hope one day i could be like you xD. See ya.

Piotr Bania said...

Thank you, I never actually thought about being someone's role model so i don't really know what to say now. Anyway I'm glad you found my stuff useful and inspiring. If i can advise you something just put your heart in whatever you are doing and the results will come out sooner then you think. Peace.