351 Packets from the Trampoline

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The paper will be released as soon as i will find someone who will not be afraid to host it :-)

Piotr Bania Vs SMB2 VULN

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EdHunter said...

Just fantastic Piotr!

So you managed to get remote code execution on the SMB2 negotiate protocol request vulnerability discovered by Laurent Gaffié?

I was curious when it would happened after I read Rubén's blog at http://www.reversemode.com/

You're doing some amazing stuff lately, hope to catch you on IRC some time to discuss.

- Eddie

Anonymous said...

here we are ;-) (Shub, ARTeam)

Piotr Bania said...

Yeah it works pretty well :-) Thanks, i am always on IRC you just dont know under what name :P

yo man, thanks :-) HDM released this thing already. Btw. tell deroko im going to kick his butt for being so offline lately - atleast for me :)