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Today i'm releasing ~1year old (almost) remote exploit for the MS09-050 SMB2
negotiation vulnerability. Since users had almost a year to patch up their
machines and some other remote exploits for this vulnerability are flying
over the internet for a long time already i have decided to release my own.

This exploit uses the trampoline technique that I described in my previous
blog post [1] and it is also a fantastic example of how not^H^H^H to write
exploits. Additionally, to make this one more miserable and yet still funky,
I have attached a brand new 3D HACKTRO (yay!). As always, greetings for all
of the hidden demosceners spending more time bouncing to cracktros than
original games.

Here comes the video capture of the pure-awesome hacktro (low-quality):

SMB2 HACKTRO - LOW QUALITY from Piotr Bania on Vimeo.

And here is the list of mirrors where you can find exploit src + hacktro

thank you and have a nice winter!