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It has been quite a while since i put the last post here. Some summing up some of the news i may now reveal:

1) Microsoft Windows DirectX MJPEG Decoder Remote Heap Corruption

Advisory available here: http://www.piotrbania.com/all/adv/ms-directx-mjpeg-adv.txt

2) VMware Workstation IO Port Request Virtualized Machine Denial Of Service

Advisory available here: http://www.piotrbania.com/all/adv/vmware-io-adv.txt

3) Kon-Boot for Windows

As one of my past projects for KryptosLogic Kon-Boot was moved to Windows platforms. Kon-Boot now supports Microsoft Windows systems, and allows logging in to any password protected profile without any any knowledge of the password. Currently following Windows systems were tested:

+ Windows Server 2008 Standard SP2 (v.275)
+ Windows Vista Business SP0
+ Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
+ Windows Vista Ultimate SP0
+ Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
+ Windows XP
+ Windows XP SP1
+ Windows XP SP2
+ Windows XP SP3
+ Windows 7

You can download Kon-Boot from the project page:

The rest of the stuff im currently working may be announced something around 2015. okthxbye.

P.S I found fantastic anthem for #nomorefreebugs, check this out.

"Naród wspaniały, tylko ludzie chuje" - Józef Piłsudski

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Unknown said...

Is there any way to create a Kon-boot USB flash drive?

Piotr Bania said...

You can try the unofficial way, check following tutorials (although i cannot give you any guarantee if it will work correctly for you):

1) http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=security/kon-boot-from-usb

2) http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2009/05/11/burn-iso-image-to-usb-flash-pen-drive-kon-boot-to-usb/

- pb