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(this post is absolutely useless so please dont read it)

Sample Dataflow Graph

* Original program run: Time elapsed: 0.000346 sec
* Traced program run: Time elapsed: 0.001517 sec
* Slowdown: ~4.3844 times

Thank you for your attention.

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Anonymous said...

That's so cool, and I'm so happy you're still working on that tool!

I'm really looking forward to using the SpiderPig tool anyway!

(any news on Aslan btw?)

Piotr Bania said...

yo delta,

Yes i actually dig it out from my drawer last month, i've made some major changes and now it starts to shine :-) I'm working on the article (or better a pseudo-thesis) now, so i guess it will take some more time.

Regarding Aslan, i dont want to speculate but it seems Aslan or some parts of it will be released as some really good protection software. However the release date of this stuff does not depend on me.