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Shuffling university, job, hobbies and writting a bachelor thesis is surely not an easy task so i guess i will need to buy some iron lung to keep this blog alive :)

Anyway here is some NeedForSpeed alike game (*lol*) for ST7 (ST72334 if i remember correctly) 8 bit microcontrollers, which i wrote sometime ago while doing some stuffs in the laboratory. It took me few hours (i guess) to compute the task including learning this type of assembly. From the other hand I don't know what took me more, repairing the libraries and the documentation of this sample "xputter" or acctually writting this game. Some additional info, there is no DIVISION instruction here, there are no straight pseudo random number generators or atleast i havent found one, the stuff written to the lcd screen cannot be read from it (yes i used backbuffer for the animation and collision detection) so most of the things were done by myself. Check this out, the '*' stands for MurciƩlago LP640 Versace :) Written in pure assembly but not optimized at all. Source code here.

Here's the video (yeah back to the roots):

And in case you are really bored and you want to try connecting this at home (PS. i swear it was going to blow at some point :))

Happy Easter! Beware of the bunny X-D

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