SpiderPig and The Childs.

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It has been a while since i've published first post about SpiderPig, currently i think i may found a really suitable solution for speeding up the process (as far as it can be speeded). Also i think i will power off the emulator and exchange it with SpiderPig mini regions, i just need to find a way to describe specified region's result basing on the defined object appearance and intersection, that's bit messy for current time being.

Also i've made some simple screenshots regarding child objects creation, generally that's based on some intersection rules and it can support currently 8/16/32 bit mode, but without FPU and MMX stuff, i may think about including support the FPU stuff since many cool Media apps are using it :) Clickable graphs are out of the scope right now.

I'm starting to developing new SpiderPig model next week, so maybe i will shoot something here.

Some child graphs, we start with 0x402000 as protected memory:

# EXAMPLE 1 (click to expand)

# EXAMPLE 2 (click to expand)

# EXAMPLE 3 (MOVSD, click to expand)

# EXAMPLE 4 (aka child array chain, click to expand)

Seems that's all.

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