Old vmware cloudburst exploit

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It has been quite a while since my last post here and unfortunately it does not seem that this issue will be fixed in time. So for all of my readers it would be safer to assume this blog is pretty much dead. I believe we all have more important things to do and unfortunately security gets boring.

Anyway I have decided to clean up my drawer today and due to that fact I'm releasing old vmware cloudburst exploit (from 2009). The vulnerability is already patched for a long time so keep this in mind. I also believe that source is commented enough to be self-explanatory, secondly few academics requested (politely asked) for this thing for "research purposes" somewhere in the past and I have sent them the files, they had almost no problems with using it so neither should you.

Here is the package together with hacktro: download vmware cloudburst exploit


PS. this exploit cannot be redistributed/edited/whatever this goes directly to the securityfocus.

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