Generic unpacking paper revision

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I have done a little updates to the "Generic Unpacking of Self-modifying, Aggressive, Packed Binary Programs" paper. Basically the Testimonials section was extended. Now the tests were performed on bigger and more "typical" Windows application. Additionally Mmmbop was tested with other packers as well, this now includes: UPX ver. 3.03w, Yoda's Crypter ver. 1.3 tElock ver. 0.98, PESpin ver. 1.32, FSG ver. 2.0, MEW ver. 11SE, ASPack ver. 2.2, nSpack ver. 3.4, PECompact ver. 2.98.6.

You can download the paper here:

Besides sometime ago i have obtained my BSc degree in Electrical Engineering, that makes me wonder should i do the MSc or not? Well, i have three months to find the answer...

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