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While playing with MmmBop sometimes i was recording the transfers between basic blocks. I tried to produce some graphs from it to make a nice visualization, however it appears in a various cases ie. tElock, PESpin i have recorded so many egdes that GraphViz was unable to produce a correct graph. Tried few other things like Tulip, but it haven't really worked either. One thing that actually worked was Walrus3D but the graphs are not really a good visualization for this example - IMHO. Anyway may be you will like following ones:

MmmBop tracing the unpacking process of UPX packed binary:

MmmBop vs UPX

MmmBop tracing the unpacking process of tElock packed binary (Walrus as renderer here):

MmmBop vs tElock - RENDER1
MmmBop vs tElock - RENDER2

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